Societies Little Prodigies
Take a look around,
And tell me what you see;
Beautiful girls, that make no sound,
They’re societies little prodigies,
Their smiles are fake,
Their laughter too loud,
A person they will break,
If they don’t fit into the crowd,
Flawless skin and faces,
These girls are know by all the races,
They do what one tells them to,
Yet, are worshiped by many of you,
They’re feared by everyone,
And respected by a few,
When you see them, you better run;
Because they’re always looking for someone new,
A new victim they select,
a personality they can destroy,
To turn a girl “perfect”,
Is their one and only joy,
So next time you take a look around,
And think that you will be fine,
You should still take into account,
 That you might be, the next in line…

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