in life you are never given a bouquet of flowers and a red carpet to walk on. Fine, some are given that. Their life has no bumps in the road, they don’t actually suffer. But we do. We fight to even be in presence of flowers, that prospect that one day, we can walk on a pink carpet. It’s not anything close to it, but it’s the best some of us can do.
But the thing is, we deserve more. We deserve not a bouquet, but a shower of flowers. A field. A planet filled with flowers. Not a red carpet, but a gold one.
But then I think of it this way. To some child, I am on a red carpet carrying flowers. Because they have it much much worse. Sure I don’t have it great either, very far from that.. But it could be worse. It could always be a lot worse.
I could be dead. I could be severely ill, unable to pay for the medical fees.
I feel like we focus so much on the things we ‘don’t’ have. Like carrying a bouquet of flowers, that will wilt anyways, and walking on a carpet will make life better. It might make it easier, but not better.
I don’t think I have appreciated things, the little things, as much as I have now. Before I would disregard the way the sun would shine or the butterflies. It sounds silly, but just look outside and realize how beautiful life is. if you just pay attention. Yeah, life at this point sucks. It sucks so much. But I feel like you need to look at the small things, while you sort out the bigger things. Be grateful of the things that “aren’t that special”. They are. They make you realize how small you really are. it makes you realize that people have been in your situation and they made it. They made it through the turmoil. They came out fighting.


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