I have been trying to get into a university and have already sent out tons of letters. I have applied for UniversitiesI could have easily gotten into and I did. I received a lot of acceptance letters but I knew I wasn’t pushing myself. I knew I needed to sign up to a University where I wouldn’t be sure I’d get in. Heck , where I was sure I wouldn’t. I signed up to two unis where my chances were very low of getting in. I just barely had the grades required to get in and I knew other students were much much better. But at the beginning of the year I told myself to take more chances. No more “what ifs” are going to plague me. I will do the things I want to do in life.

I sent off the letters, already happy with my decision – I only wanted to prove to myself that I was going to do it. I had no hopes of getting in, I just wanted to make sure I tried everything. So I sent off the letters and hadn’t given the universities a second thought.

fast forward to a few days ago? I have received two emails and both were letters of acceptance. I was accepted. I couldn’t believe my luck. I cried, I screamed and then proceeded to cry some more. My parents were elated and I just kept re-reading the letters, making sure I hadn’t misread anything.

This little story is supposed to tell you to take chances because although you may think you’ll fail, there is still a possibility of you succeeding. Do it to get rid of the nagging feeling of what if , that is already a good start. You don’t want to live your life with regrets.and I know i would have regretted not applying to those universities. I did it because I didn’t want to regret anything, but in return doors have opened for me, doors that I have thought were locked. Take chances, for yourself and for your conscience !

don’t immediately think you will fail, give it your best and see what happens. In the end – even if you failed you know you gave it your best and that you can move on, without asking yourself “what if?”.

I hope this pushed you to take a few chances, do something you’ve been scared to. Ask your crush on a date , try to get into the university of your dreams, do the things you’ve always dreamed of doing.

in the end you will either succeed and be happy or not succeed but happy that you’ve at least tried!

with love ❤,


i haven’t posted anything in a while but i want to start posting more frequently! I have a few ideas but if you want me to write about something or maybe give some advice, comment down below and I’ll get to it!



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