So if you read my post yesterday, you’d know that I went back to school to get some documents signed.. It went well!
I really think you guys send me enough strength (even if it was only one or two people)!
I met a few people I was friendly with and we hung out and they were super sweet. I met some old staff member (like the janitor and the technician) and they were super stoked to see me (I was super close to them, since they saw me grow up and they’d hang out and talk to me when I had no one to talk to).
I did meet my old math teacher (he is pretty much one huge reason why I was scared to go back, because he really.. made me feel horrible) and we talked for a little while (mostly consisting of awkward smiles and small talk) BUT I did it!
I do have to confess one thing though : I hid from one teacher. Like the little scared cat that I am, I hid from my English\history teacher. I was so emotionally exhausted from meeting all those people (Does anyone else get that too?? Super tired from just talking and meeting people? ), so I hid in an empty classroom and waited for him to pass by.
Other than that I managed everything pretty well 🙂
I am happy that I didn’t chicken out 😀
Thanks again for the support and wishing me luck!
with love,


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