The horizon seems to go on forever. It was all you could see and all you’d ever want to see. It showed how big the world was, how endless your possibilities are and how insignificant you’ll remain. For you could never surpass the size of the earth nor its importance. But we still like to think we would. We always think we are important, more important than the planet keeping us alive. We relish in selfish acts that destroy the world, saying that we deserve to live in a manner that destroys the one thing that’s providing us with something we need to survive- Oxygen. Yet, we pretend that money and other things have higher value, because the number on your bank account now dictates your living. We forget that we were given this because the earth has provided us with enough, but just as she has given us all of it, she can take it all away. It only takes an earthquake and a few tsunamis and we’d come back to realization. We’d realize that that’s the person next you is just as valuable as you and just as insignificant.
Both of you will be buried 6 feet under the ground and join the rest of them who thought that their lives were more important than the where you were buried.

Little tip : try and not be douche and recycle and don’t throw things out of your car while you’re driving.
I just saw this douche throwing out a plastic bottle out of a moving vehicle (expensive Range Rover) and he threw it into a forest the road was driving through. Ew.|
We sped past him at some point and he was wearing these large sunglasses and didn’t seem to give a damn. Wow.
We are in 2017, please stop being an idiot. I think by now we know that global warming is very much a thing and even if you don’t think so, we all know that plastic is not biodegradable. Keep the bottle in the car and dispose of it when you get home.


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