I have never been very religious. My parents are and my brother is too – at least I think so. I just never followed their path and didn’t pay much attention to it and never thought much of it. Everyone I met who was super religious told me I was going to hell or they’d try to force their religion down me. It put me off even more, to a point where I openly spoke out against it. Funny how things can change.
I have been in a rough period in my life, so a while now. I have very little I am holding on to and I feel myself becoming sadder and losing hope. However, I began to pray.
It made me feel better, because I felt like someone was listening to me when no one else would. I have no friends I can confide in or tell them my secrets or anything personal really. I am very reserved when it comes to that (I can talk about my past and things that happened but I make it a point not to talk about current issues plaguing my life) and always have been.  But I felt myself going crazy, because you can’t just hold things in, you need to share your feelings, even when the other person won’t say anything. Just to get it out and have it off your chest. And so I began to pray and it turned into a daily thing. Every night. I pray for things to happen in my life (it’s always three things) and then I give thanks for the things that are in my life and for which I am grateful for.
It’s odd how the times have changed and how I began to believe in a higher power.
It has made me feel better, I can go to bed without feeling as scared, since I have gotten my worries off my chest and feel a lot better afterwards.
This post is just to show that people change and when things go south, you sometimes find things that help you through it all. It’s helping me and making me feel better.
I hope this helps others out there who are going through something similar and remember it’s never a bad thing to change tides at times. I am glad that I don’t look down upon praying anymore, because I am very grateful for it now.

If you have any stories of your own or any questions, leave them down below and I’ll make sure to answer them!

With love,


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